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Firstly, we listen, we gather whatever information is available, discover what needs to be told and then create visuals and tools for our clients to tell it. From our many years of experience we know what is needed to project success in different development sectors. Harnessing 3D modelling and imaging software, delivering the moving image into video and animation projects and creating fully immersive virtual reality delivers a compelling experience. 

Our team can engage in detailed client dialogue, for those that care to be involved, or you can trust us to create for you. We keep in contact with clients consistently so that every detail is taken into consideration and the experience of working with us is as smooth as possible. As a group of well-qualified individuals, we bring our different and our similar skills together on each project, working collectively to create a streamlined workflow to bring our best solutions to our clients in the best time possible. 


  • Engaging with you
  • Making sure we understand your critical path.
  • Talking through the technicalities of drawings and plans
  • Assisting you in your design phase by turning you drawings into fully rendered 3D models, with the ability to experiment with materials, camera angles and structure.


  • Surveying the site
  • Commissioning aerial and ground photography
  • Understanding Planning concerns
  • Turning sketches into solid ideas


Creating photorealistic visuals, using our 27 years of experience to deliver the best work we possibly can. 


We can provide you with still visuals, animated videos, 360° tours and even a fully interactive VR experience - anything you need to bring your project to life and sell it to your clients.

CGI Visualisation_

The real estate industry is quickly becoming a saturated market. With endless options for vendors, it is imperative that agents and developers utilise the latest technology and promotional techniques to gain a competitive edge. One such tool is computer-generated imagery (CGI).

Well known for its use in filmmaking, CGI has allowed filmmakers to produce realistic special effects that give their stories new depth and engage viewers in a way never experienced – now, it forms the way forward in property development.


What more could you do to convey the reality of a space or building not yet constructed? Well, how about actually getting inside it, albeit virtually. We can maximise the resource of your 3D models by building them into virtual reality environments. This is not something easy to illustrate on a website, as by its nature this is a truly personal experience – but anyone who has used VR for gaming or donned a proper VR headset will know how immersive and ‘real’ the experience can be.
Loading VR models and environments onto professional headsets can be a complementary part of any marketing suite or even – as prices reduce over time – be a branded ‘giveaway’ experience for higher value pitches. If we’ve already made it for you in 3D, we can create it for you in virtual reality.

verified views_

Sometimes, the as yet unbuilt projects featured in our images have to be 100% legally accurate depictions, of exactly how the outline and volume and aspect of the building will appear once complete. There is a strict methodology to follow involving professional surveyors and photographers. All steps and data are recorded so that a third party following and repeating the procedure, would arrive at exactly the same result; thus the image is verifiable. Also known as Accurate Visual Representations, this format is more and more in demand from Local Authorities as an accompaniment to Planning Applications of almost any scale, depending on the site’s sensitivity. We have been providing data for Public Inquiries and legal challenges since our earliest days in the ‘90s.

360° tours_

360 views allow a full panoramic view of an individual space. The tours can then link these together to take the potential customer all around, inside and outside the building. Programmed ‘hotspots’ transport the viewer from space to space. Special features of the building or its location can be highlighted along the way. These tours can be viewed on PC or on your phone. If you have Google cardboard or a similar app installed, you can slip your phone into an inexpensive headset and experience the 360s as if you are actually standing or floating in the spaces.


Videos might include directed internal or external fly-throughs. Processes or assemblies can be illustrated over time or timelapse techniques can be used to show building the property will happen. Alternatively, cameras can be fixed on site to record the real building work and again mix it with images of the proposed results to update any interested party throughout the build.


Another tool become more commonplace and in use by Local Authorities (LA) in major centres is VuCity. They provide a city wide model within which major developments can be placed to be assessed in context. However, in many instances the LA will build and upload the model itself, to a very basic level, which can be highly unflattering. As your visualiser we can further transform the models we’ve already built into more detailed and refined versions than the LA ever would and locate it into the VuCIty space for you.

3D Interactive Tool_

We are constantly developing new ways to maximise the value of the 3D resource. This interactive tool is squarely aimed at assisting the marketing multi unit developments. It can exist online for users to examine the building in the peace of their own environment, or as a guided piece in a marketing suite or agent’s office. The whole range of size or prices of different apartments, for example, can be displayed and individual units selected and examined more closely. Try out the example on our site. It is huge step forward in the world of ‘buying off plan’.

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