what is property video_

Promotional or informational videos with moving CGI – mixed or montaged to live-action video and edited in-house. These can provide explanatory pieces alongside the property and tell the story or sell the dream in a more evocative way.

Property listings with videos tend to do better at engagement and authenticity. Viewers know that photos are staged to show a room in its best light – but video still feels more real as it gives the impression that nothing is being hidden or left out.

Property walkthrough videos

Although walkthrough videos were used before 2020, particularly for prospective buyers living overseas, video use in property marketing became essential to the industry over the last two years as travel and social distancing regulations made normal viewing very difficult. While regulations have eased during 2022, video viewings remain necessary in some cases.

Property listings with videos are also more appealing to view. Property listings with video are easier to understand in terms of layout for many people, as opposed to just having a floor plan.

Property area videos

As well as showing off the property itself, video is a brilliant marketing tool for advertising and promoting an area. This can be a part of the listing video, or if your agency covers several areas in a region, you can create a number of separate videos detailing the highlights of each area – places your property in the context of a desirable location.

Why video is beneficial in property_

With more and more consumers staying at home and adapting to a remote lifestyle, visual content has never been more important. Looking ahead, Cisco estimates that in 2022, a huge 82% of all created content will be video.

help investors engage + -

Video done right can convey emotions that are difficult to achieve through still images alone.

convey emotions + -

As well as their use in planning submissions and marketing, CGI can be used for design evaluation and form a critical part of the design process, providing live feedback and imagery to help inform designers.

increased conversion + -

Real estate video not only generates more eyes on your listing through search engine optimisation, but it generates organic traffic through social media. Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

How we make property videos_

Videos might include directed internal or external fly-throughs. Processes or assemblies can be illustrated over time or timelapse techniques can be used to show building the property will happen. Alternatively, cameras can be fixed on site to record the real building work and again mix it with images of the proposed results to update any interested party throughout the build.

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